*** Pension Na kovarne accommodation Tisa

Pension Tisa Na kovarne Pension boarding-house accommodation Decinsko Ustecko of Bohemia offer accommodation accomodation in a beautiful area of the Czech Switzerland.

Family hotel Decinsko accommodation :
The accomodation is situated on the first floor of the building. There are 5 rooms available with max. capacity of 16 beds /with additional beds up to 23 beds/.

All rooms are equipped with new furniture. A social room with TV, satelit and radio is available.

Guest-house Na kovarne accommodation Decinsko Ustecko restaurant :
Restaurant : 43 seats, lounge 20 seats. Offer : tap-beer, Bohemian cuisine, chicken and fish dishes. To be held : special events, celebrations, weddings. Available : beer garden /24 seats/ meals served as well, playground for children.

The saloon is situated saparately and it is ideal place for reserved society.
The boardinghouse Ustecko of Bohemia Tisa Parking:
The parking by restaurant and boarding-house is on theirs own ground. The part with 6 parking places is situated on the right side of the main building, with straight gateway from the main road. The next 14 parking places are in courtyard between the building of restauration and tennis court. Parking is monitoring by camara system.
In the corner part of our garden we have prepared garden grill, fire place, grill needls and styly sitting. For our guests we have charcoal or wood per tamperate fee. On your wish we can prepare  sausages, meat needls or trouts, barbecue sauce, mustard, ketchup,horse-radish, pastry and vegetables.
In the garden we have slide, swing, rope for climbing , one big and one small cross-bar.
The older childs  can use small boulder wall as the elevation to the slide.
Big grassy area for free usage. Tennis court.
The first skicenter Telnice is in 12km distance and Bourňak u Taplic in 25km distance.
Here is also  skilift in Tisa, wich is good for beginers. This skicenter is known for the homeatmosphere, low prices and skiing without any quezes or crowds.
The surroundings of Tisá is rich on croscountry skiing traces, wich goas through romantic nature of forests, high lands and sandstone rocks.     
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